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Hi, I'm Emily. 

I'm glad you're here!

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We've created this temporary link for you. This will also help you to share this information in real time and in an easy way with your collaborators or friends that you want or are interested in knowing their opinion. 

I'd be happy to walk you through this analysis.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating this for you.

Going through this will take more than 10 minutes, please take the time and space so you can read and understand everything we explain here. It is very important for your brand or company and it is also very important for us to help you improve your digital presence.

If you want the presentation to be in English you can change the language in the menu at the top.

¨First, we explain why you are here.
We've looked at your brand in the digital world, and we've found things we can improve to have better results, better presence and above all better communication between your customers or potential customers.
That said, let's get started! ¨

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Did you know?
70% of Internet users shop online and a huge number of people google nearby businesses and 30% end up making a purchase from them.

First, 10 reasons why you should have a good, user-friendly and functional website.

1. Provide online visibility
The web allows you to transcend local boundaries and expand your business nationally or even internationally. This visibility has another great benefit, which is to gain market breadth.

2. It is an important complement to social networks.
Creating profiles on social networks and having your own website are two good decisions that complement each other.

The networks are great for showcasing your product or service and communicating with your customers, while the web can offer them the option to make purchases or achieve greater awareness of your brand.

3. More advertising options for less money.
Online advertising is still much cheaper than traditional advertising. You can use it to drive more traffic to your website and make your brand more popular. 
It is very effective and has a huge reach (remember that the Internet has billions of daily users).

4.    You can use SEO strategies.
In line with the above, having a website will give you incredible results if you manage to appear in good positions in Google search results. 
Fortunately, this is possible if you apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, which help you to position and -in the best case- appear on the first page of Google.

5.    You generate trust and credibility.
A website also works as a guarantee that your brand is real, reliable and a serious business. Many online shoppers research a brand before deciding to make a purchase from it.

6.    You can sell online
Websites are no longer what they were a few decades ago. Today you can integrate more and more features and you have a lot of customization options by implementing a lot of digital marketing techniques.

7.    You can get leads.
A lead is a user who has left their data in exchange for some benefit on your website. This allows you to convert an unknown visitor into an identified person that you can classify in a database and contact in the future.

8.    Connect with external partners.
Being able to redirect your target audience to other links of collaborators, sponsors or partners that give you a service that helps you generate sales such as other online stores or delivery services are also strategies that can further grow the reach of your brand or company. 

9.    You know your real and potential customers better.
Maybe in your face-to-face business you know your customers well, you talk to them and you know exactly what they need. That's all well and good, but having your own website will allow you to multiply it x1000. 
Websites are environments where everything users do can be measured. You can know from where they entered your website (whether from Google, from your social networks or from an advertisement), which pages they visited and how long they spent on each one, where they clicked and much more.

All this allows you to deepen your knowledge about your potential customers. You can even analyze and cross-reference data. In the era of "Big data" there is no data to waste.

10.    You can offer 24/7 customer service.
Having a website gives you the opportunity to be in constant contact with your customers, who can consult you at any time or see your products and / or services at any time. 
With a good communication strategy on our website you favor feedback with customers and establish an online communication channel with each of them.

Now let's get to your website!

The analysis you will see below is based on responsible and objective criteria to improve the user experience, improve performance, data analysis and generate value to the brand or company.

1. Home.

The logo does not redirect anywhere. It can serve as a redirect to the home page, many users are aware of this feature and it can improve the experience.

It can improve the organization of the header allowing to gain more space so that the user can't get to the top of the page.






They should change or remove this writing: "We are a small business, but take our food seriously." Due to the fact that it does not give confidence when being able to take large clients, such as for a catering or some event, it has to give security of being able to take with what the client wants.

They do not have a delivery service button or a link to any partner of these services. ubereat - doordash - grubhub

The colors of the background of the image (red) with the color (red) of the letters makes it difficult to appreciate the entire design.

There is no online chat to interact with users.

They do not offer catering services or packages per family


The address, it has no option to send to the gps.


The Jobs section does not have a button to fill out a new jobs form. It is important that the interested person has direct access to join the team.


We can see that there are many sections of the menu that do not have images or photos


Benefits of having a business account on Instagram


Brand creation and boosting
One of the positive aspects of Instagram is that it allows brands to define their identity and reinforce their corporate values. For example, if a company makes a post with photos accompanied by its corporate colors and elements, its audience will feel more attracted and identify with what they are looking at, that is, they will feel familiar.


Increased traffic to the business website
Instagram has more than 1 billion active users, a figure that is increasing due to the benefits to the advantages of using instagram for businesses. In this sense, it allows businesses to redirect users to their website, blog or online store, and thus increase traffic. 


Broad dissemination
Instagram has the option to link other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. Performing this action allows the content to reach more people and the coverage is greater.


Interaction and feedback
Through Instagram, companies can interact with their audience in real time, understand their concerns and receive feedback to improve. 

By having a mobile version and a desktop or web version, Instagram is accessible to any user. The benefit? The content reaches more people.


Instagram's strong point is geolocation. It is recommended that each photo you upload is accompanied by its location. Thus, your company will appear on the photo map and increase its visibility.


Instagram Ads
It allows you to create visual ads that will allow you to humanize your brand and reach new audiences. Thanks to it, companies ensure profile visits and the objectives of the strategy they have established, segmenting the audience they want to reach.


Advanced segmentation
It has some very advanced segmentation options when creating an audience to impact with Instagram Ads. 


Shopping from Instagram
Did you know that approximately one third of Instagram users use the social network to shop? This platform will allow you to promote your products through photo tags and direct the user directly to the purchase.


Track ROI (Return On Investment)
When a customer or potential customer clicks on an ad on Instagram, we will be able to track their behavior and therefore have very accurate information about the return on our investment.


Special functionalities for professional profiles
Did you know that if you have a business account you can add a call-to-action button on your profile? This is one of the many features that are unlocked when you have a professional account.


Instagram users follow brands
80% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, you don't want to miss out on this organic engagement with followers on this social network, do you?


Platform focused on visuals
It allows you to create visually appealing content that engages your followers. Don't forget that we have a great visual memory, so this impact is key.


Promotion of already published posts
A benefit of running paid campaigns on Instagram is that you can promote already published posts, which means it will look just like a regular post. This will generate a higher click-through rate.


Analytical tools
With Instagram you can access the analytical tool of your account, where you can know the characteristics of your followers, impressions, followers gained and lost... among others.


Insights about your customers
Closely related to point 15, the analytical tool will allow you to discover a lot of information about age, gender, location, digital consumption habits. And all this will help you improve your marketing campaigns, both inside and outside social networks.


"Swipe up".
If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can count on "Swipe up", a useful feature that allows you to add links in your stories.


Mention your brand's address and attract visitors

You can add a postal address, so you can attract visitors to your physical store.


Brand ambassadors
In this social network you will find many users willing to be free ambassadors of your brand if they are satisfied, take advantage of them! Users rely heavily on the opinion of other customers.


Reuse of resources
You can share your instagram profile and posts on your website to leverage efforts and even gain followers who visit your website.

Your profile!

They make two to three publications per month, the recommended basic minimum is three weekly posts, ideally five.

The "Like" are very low, there is no interaction with customers.

The aesthetics and color of the dishes they publish could be improved.


They do not have the highlight buttons (permanent stories), this helps to facilitate the search of the users and helps to have the information of your company segmented and easily accessible.

instagram perfil.png

¨I have seen that all profile images are different and that can cause confusion and they also do not interact with users on the platform¨



Benefits of a Facebook Fan Page For Business


Ease of linking.
From your fan page you link directly to your website. Placing a fan box on your website allows visitors to instantly become a fan of your business.

Fans approve themselves.
People can become a follower of your Facebook page without having to be approved first like a friend on your personal Facebook profile. This saves you time and makes it very easy to build your fan base.

Unlimited amount of fans.
You can have an unlimited amount of fans. At the moment the amount of friends on your profile is limited to 5000. But you can have an unlimited amount of fans.

Because fans can comment on your posts, it creates a sense of community where they can share their thoughts and opinions. It also allows you to have personal attention with your community through direct messaging.

Instant mailing list.
You can instantly send an update to all fans about special offers, events, new products, articles, etc.

Daily Disclosure
People log in and check Facebook every day. That's why having a fan page allows for daily interaction with your readers. And unlike email updates, you never have to worry about your message getting caught in spam filters. 

Greater exposure.
Fan pages are public. All search engines and people can see them. This dramatically increases the potential for exposure.

Viral Marketing.
Even if your fans do not take the initiative to recommend your page among their network of friends and acquaintances, all your fans' personal profiles will see your page. This opens your exposure to other potential customers.

Advertising campaigns with little budget
Facebook offers you the possibility to publish ads about your company to people who are directly interested in your product or service, allowing you to measure and analyze the results.

Your profile!

Two accounts can be found, one personal (the user) another commercial and it causes confusion.

The banner image is cut off.

Few posts per month. The recommended basic minimum is three weekly posts, ideally five.

There is no interaction with customers.

¨There is no interaction with customers.¨




facebook perfil.png

Reasons to be active on Google

Why is it important to be on Google? People not only search for things on the Internet, but they do it directly on Google. This search engine receives 3.8 million searches per minute and this is why it makes sure to have services like this where users can find answers and solutions to their queries.


These are the benefits!

Improve your digital presence
This service allows you to offer all the information about your business to make it more accessible to customers. You can publish from a description and location, to photos and customer experience ratings. 

Appear on Google Maps
If you have your listing on Google, your business will appear on Google Maps. This offers many benefits, it makes your business easier to find. In addition, you should know that Google gives priority to the geolocation of users when displaying search results. This means that if a person searches for the product or service you offer on Google, and it is located near your area, you will have a privileged position in the search engine. 

Improve SEO
Google's algorithm is constantly evolving and it is important to know what actions can benefit you in terms of SEO. One of them is to be in the Google directory, since the company rewards those who use its own services. This means that, between two equal businesses, Google will give priority to the one that is in its directory with the correct keywords.

Provides tracking statistics
Google also offers simple statistics to let you know relevant information about your customers. Thus, it shows data on how customers search for your business, the actions performed on your listing, the number of times they have seen your photos, the number of times they have asked for directions to your business, among other things. This information is very useful to know the behavior of your customers.


Interact with customers
Keep in mind that 91% of people are guided by the reviews they find on the Internet, according to a BrightLocal survey. This is why it is recommended that you read and respond to the reviews made by customers in your file. This action can build customer loyalty with your brand and grow your community.

This is your Google Tab!

You have it and it works, the buttons redirect to every action written. It has 4.6 stars in valuation by users, indicating that they have good receptivity of the product but there is no interaction with customers giving the feeling that their opinion is not important, valued or taken into account by the company or brand. This action is not only important and necessary but it can also add value to your brand by interacting directly and in real time with users interested in sharing their experience with the product or service. Negative reviews are as important as positive ones, for this reason and more you should have an active interaction with users.

Your profile has 71 photos published and all those photos are uploaded by users but there is no strategy by the brand or company to make a constant upload of images and keep the profile active and functional.

Consider this, google is the largest social network that exists so far and as a social network needs to be operational and functional at 100%, having a profile on this social network and that is not active or that is not taking advantage of it is equal or worse to not having a presence in that social network.

Interaction in any social network is the key to success!

google perfil.png
google perfil 1.png

¨A user asked if they had a delivery service and no one answered. on the website they also do not say if they have a delivery service. All profiles can be well integrated so that profit can be made or at least generate value for users.¨




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google perfil 2.png
Sal de cristal


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No interaction with customers, no feedback on reviews.

It has good interaction from the client but there is no response from the brand, this can be seen in all the images.

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No interaction with customers, no feedback on reviews.

It has good interaction from the client but there is no response from the brand, this can be seen in all the images.

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Sal de cristal



  • Evaluation of the company, brand or project.

  • Page/Channel Evaluation

  • Management of social network profiles (Facebook + Instagram)

  • Google profile management

  • Review Interaction (Social Media / Google)

  • Content creation for social media.

  • 30 post Social Media

  • Schedule Posts Social Media

  • 15 / 35 Hashtags Social Media 

  • Account Optimization

  • Personalized Strategy - 1 social media marketing campaign for 7 days. Additional campaigns within the month of service are paid separately. Google marketing campaign not included.

  • Full-Time Engagement

  • Action Plan

  • 7 Days Delivery

  • 30-day service contract


  •  5 pages

  • maximum 6 sections

  • Design customization

  • Response design

  • Content upload

  • 2 complement / extension.

  • Links and configuration of hosting and domain

  • 2 language.

  • Delivery in 21 days once we receive all the necessary information regarding your project.


  • Image Refreshment

  • Banner creation

  • 2 graphic designs 2 reviews per service

All you need to know!

To achieve success or the desired goals within the online world we must take into account that you have to have a budget which will be used to promote the posts or marketing campaigns within social networks, otherwise our service will be limited by not being able to expand the work done within these.

Our main objective as a Digital Media Agency is that your company, brand or project has the best presence in the digital world and develop marketing strategies under a budget and performance structure.

The ideal minimum amount is within the range of 10$ / 20$ per day. The more we manage to invest in the amplification of posts or marketing strategies, the more chances we have to attract more potential customers or target audience to your project or company.

We will interact with the potential audience whenever the conversation allows us to do so. Keep in mind that not all customers, not all situations, not all responses are the same, but we are confident that with your help we will be guided to give the most appropriate responses. 



  • Standard delivery 21 days (faster delivery +$800 / 10 days delivery, consult with your service agent or contact us in the contact area)

  • Unlimited revisions until the project is completed, approved and delivered.

  • At all times we will take into account the graphic line that bears your logo and the colors that give it your identity or corporate colors

  • You will have sections about the brand, project or company, we will present your services and contact information, as well as a section of basic contact form.

  • Once the project is delivered you will have a period of 48 hours to request modifications or corrections, after this time, if we do not receive news from you, we will finish, approve and deliver the project. Any change or modification outside the culmination of your project will have additional charges.

  • Domain name and hosting costs are separate. / What is Domain Name? is the www. .com. For example, / What is Hosting? the right to connect the wed design to your domain name.

For more information please contact your service agent or Contact us via email.


Just for your start we will give you a 4-hour photography session for your product. then all photography sessions are charged additional.

  • Photography session and editing are not included. This service will be required if necessary. In case of businesses such as restaurants (menu), physical stores and any other business that requires it. The cost will be calculated by the time and difficulty required.


For more information please contact your service advisor or go to the contact area.


  • POP material printing

  • Google advertising campaigns

  • Photography session and editing are not included. 


For more information please contact your service advisor or go to the contact area.

Commercial Proposal

  • We will make it simple for you and for us.

  • We will charge a monthly recurring fee. We will send you a digital invoice which you can register and we will automatically charge your bank account or credit card.

  • Non-refundable.

  • This is without contract but the first 6 months will be by contract. But only the first 6 months from the first day we start.  Why no contract but the first 6 months yes? this is because the first months we will work a lot to create all your digital image and we can develop a strategically active profile, after the 6 months we will continue working together but without contracts so that everyone will be happy.

  • You won't find any hidden fees in our services, that is, we won't overcharge you and we won't change our prices without prior notice. That said keep in mind something, every 12 months of our business relationship we will evaluate our performance, our costs for maintenance and tools linked to your profile and we will see how the inflationary or economic environment will be at that point and we will send you our proposal, but don't be scared because we usually increase a small and considerate percentage or if it is not necessary we will continue with the value of the service you are paying for.

  • The delivery time of the graphic design or content creation products have a maximum delivery time of 7 days, the website creation of 21 days, but all these times can be shortened by paying the espress delivery services. consult with your service agent.

  • Only what is inside this commercial proposal will be what you will receive but keep in mind that we can also attach any other service you require that we offer at your additional cost. For more information consult with your service agent on these topics.

  • The agreed price for your monthly service is $600 payable on the first 5 days of each month. Each time you refer a friend, you will get a 5% discount on your monthly fee.

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