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Do you know what hashtag to use in this 2020?

Did you know that Twitter was the first social network to use hashtags? Well, given the success it had with users, it is currently used in almost all social networks. Hashtags are communication tools. They are used to classify" or identify content on social networks, and their correct use can put you ahead of your competitors within your target audience!

These elements are so relevant that even now, Instagram allows them to be added to a profile's biography and Instagram Stories.

So every hashtag that is used is, so to speak, transformed into a hyperlink. When you click on the link, it will show you all the content related to this word.

Find out here the most popular hashtags and how you can use them for your brand - follow these tips!

How to put hashtags on Instagram?

Once you upload a picture and click "Next", add the hashtags to the descriptive text, starting with the "#" sign. You can also add them in the comments section of your post. This way, since it's a public post, it will appear in the searches of that hashtag.

Keep in mind these important points about hashtags:

They should not have spaces. If it is more than one word, it is useful to distinguish them by capital letters: #MarketingDigital.

They should be used without punctuation.

Up to 30 hashtags can be included per publication.

Hashtags are usually used to unify conversations related to a topic, for example:

Events and conferences: #Olympics2020

Disasters and emergencies: #PrayForNotreDame

Festivals and celebrations: #DíaDeMuertos

Topics about popular culture: #Avengers

General interests: #Veganos #PetLovers

Popular Hasht

ags: #tbt #instagood

Avoid using hashtags that are unrelated to your brand or product, as this could result in penalties.

Hashtags are more than a social tool: they represent a great alternative to increase your interaction with users potentially interested in your brand, as well as with your followers.

They are elements that you can use to build your brand and find your audience, or rather that they find you.

1. Branded Hashtags

They are usually found in the biography of the brand profile and are exclusive to them. They help the brand create and build its presence in the public mind and invite the audience to use them to create their own content. For example, Rappi Colombia uses #RappiLoSolve and #RappiTips:

2. Location-based hashtags

If you sell products or services that might interest local audiences, use this tool to make yourself known to Instagram users who are looking for what you have to offer in their area.

3. Entertainment Hashtags

Applying a bit of humor to your hashtags won't get you more followers directly, but you'll connect better with the audience you already have. It may have nothing to do with the brand, but everything to do with your publication.

4. Temporary Hashtags

These hashtags are related to some special date, season, season and even the weather. Instagram users enjoy them because they often look for content associated with the holidays and seasons.

5. Trending Hashtags

As a company you also have to talk about what everyone is talking about in order to be present in the conversation, especially if the subject matter has a direct bearing on your brand or product.

How to manually search Instagram for hashtags

Open your Instagram profile and select the search icon represented by a magnifying glass. In the bar, enter a hashtag linked to your business.

This will display the hashtags with the most posts on Instagram related to your topic.

As you've seen, making good use of your hashtags is essential to making your Instagram marketing strategy effective. Be sure to follow the tips in this article when adding hashtags to your posts.

I hope you found this article interesting, and that you continue to visit this blog.


¿Sabías que twitter fue la primera red social en usar Los hashtags? Pues bien, dado el éxito que tuvo con los usuarios, actualmente es usada en casi todas las redes sociales. Los Hashtag son herramientas de comunicación. Se usan para clasificar” o identificar contenido en las redes sociales. ¡Su uso correcto puede ponerte al frente de tus competidores dentro de tu público objetivo!

Estos elementos tienen tanta relevancia que, incluso ahora, Instagram permite agregarlos a la biografía de un perfil y en las Instagram Stories.

Entonces, cada hashtag que se use es, por así decirlo, transformado en un hipervínculo. Al hacer clic, sobre el enlace, te mostrará todo el contenido relacionado a esta palabra.